In a market where there are bidding wars that often leave first time home buyers out in the cold, will it do any good to write a personal letter to the sellers and include it with your offer?

My answer is that it can’t hurt. It might help. Some sellers are motivated to have someone live in their house who will love it as much as they did. Most home sellers will ultimately default to the best offer, but if there are multiple best offers, the one that includes a letter could win the day.

In the letter, you’d want to describe how you see yourself living in the home. Your kids will swing on the tire swing. You will cook magical cakes in the cozy kitchen. You’ll love the neighbors, and so on.

So a letter can’t hurt, and there are other things that you can also do to improve your offer’s odds. Don’t worry…when we find your perfect home, I’ll help you do all the little things that give your offer a better chance of being accepted.